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A Mini - Manual
Kia Picanto,
Adult x4   Small x2   Air Music
Kia Picanto, A   Mini  
5 Doors
A2 Economy - Manual
Hyundai i10,
Adult x4   Large x1   Small x1   Air Music
Hyundai i10, A2   Economy  
5 Doors
B Compact - Manual
VW Polo, Ford Fiesta
Adult x5   Large x2   Small x1   Air Music
VW Polo, Ford Fiesta B   Compact  
3/5 Doors
B1 Compact - Manual
Toyota Yaris, Opel Corsa
Adult x5   Large x2   Small x1   Air Music
Toyota Yaris, Opel Corsa B1   Compact  
5 Doors
F1 Intermediate - Automatic
Chevrolet Aveo,
Adult x5   Large x2   Small x1   Air Music
Chevrolet Aveo, F1   Intermediate  
4/5 Doors
F2 Full Size - Automatic
Hyundai Sonata,
Adult x5   Large x2   Small x2   Air Music
Hyundai Sonata, F2   Full Size  
4 Doors
F4 Full Size - Automatic
BMW 3series,
Adult x5   Large x2   Small x2   Air Music
BMW 3series, F4   Full Size  
4 Doors
J2 SUV 2WD - Manual
Daihatsu Terios,
Adult x4   Large x1   Small x2   Air Music
Daihatsu Terios, J2   SUV 2WD  
5 Doors
J4 SUV 2WD - Manual
Hyundai Tucson,
Adult x5   Large x2   Small x1   Air Music
Hyundai Tucson, J4   SUV 2WD  
5 Doors
P Pickup 4WD DoubleCab - Manual
Toyota Hilux,
Adult x4   Air Music
Toyota Hilux, P   Pickup 4WD DoubleCab  
4 Doors
M2 Minibus 8 seater - Manual
VW Transporter,
Adult x8   Large x1   Small x2   Air Music
VW Transporter, M2   Minibus 8 seater  
5 Doors
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Economy Car Rentals and the Car Fleet

Still unsure about the car group which might be most convenient for you? You have just reached the right place. This page was created for those who like to value their options. Our car rental partners in Swaziland choose their fleet thoroughly as their best intention is to continue with the high standard they keep for our customers. Along with the high standard, you should still think about the environment. Be a part of those who show interest and visit here our Green Tips healthier planet.

Car Rental Information for Swaziland

The atmosphere of lovely country such as Swaziland is unique. With your car rental in Swaziland you get conveniently around and you can learn more about this place as well as the locals and their habits. You are perfectly capable of doing that by attending at some of the events organized in Swaziland. Use the comfort and unlimited freedom that your car rental offers you and explore Swaziland. It will give you the opportunity to explore the amazing area of Swaziland!

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