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Car Rental in French Guiana

General Information about French Guiana

French Guiana is an overseas department of France situated in the north-east part of South America, on the Atlantic Ocean coast. It is a surprising and fascinating country. What you will find here are landscapes seen in adventure films with a virgin equatorial forest and savannas.

Explore French GuianaLocal tourism uses the Guianan river network, so you get the chance to travel around by boat in the amazing settings. Diversity in French Guiana also means a diversity of its people, as there are many different ethnicities living here. They include American Indians, Maroons, Brazilians and Asians. You must see this little piece of America – it is an unforgettable experience!
Get to know it better and travel around with a comfortable rental car from Economy Car Rentals. There are many locations in the country where you can pick up a rental car booked through Economy Car Rentals.

A very convenient way to travel around the beautiful country of French Guiana is by a rental car.

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Rent a Car in French Guiana with Economy Car Rentals

Some of the things well worth visiting during your stay in French Guiana are: Mont Matoury mountains, the Trésor Nature Reserve (which is a rainforest area), the Montagne des Singes (literally ‘Monkey Mountain’), Gabrielle Creek & Fourgassie Waterfalls in Cayenne Region, Approuaque River and Guiana Space Centre near Kourou.
An easy and comfortable way of getting to all these attractions is by a rental car which you may rent from Economy Car Rentals.

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Enjoy your Car Rental in French Guiana

During your stay in French Guiana you can enjoy fishing (it is popular in all parts of the country), go on a canoe trip up the Maroni River or spend time watching birds and reptiles.
Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to go, your stay in French Guiana will be more comfortable and enjoyable if you rent a car from Economy Car Rentals!
As a souvenir from French Guiana you can bring home wooden sculptures, some of the products made by American Indians: seed necklaces, baskets, embroidery, or Creole handicrafts made of wood or gold.

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Last Updated 2016-05-05

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