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car-rental, greece, ioannina
car-rental, greece, ioannina
car-rental, greece, ioannina

Car rental in Ioannina

General information about Ioannina

Ioannina is one of the four cities that belong to the Epirus department of Greece.Drive your car rental to this lively city which
fascinateseveryone with its beauty and makes it the ideal place for vacation throughout the year.The nature surrounded,the several attractions and theshort excursions you are able to schedule outside the city makes this destination more than attractive.Using your car rental will make your holidays easier and unforgetable as well.

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Rent a Car in Ioannina with Economy Car Rentals

Car rental Greece mainlandOne of the first attractions you should visit is Pavlos Vrelli's Museum. Drive your car rental to the biggest wax effigies in Greece which"narrates"greek history while you are walking through.The Perama Cave could be your next stop which is consistuted by stalactites that beginfrom the roof of the rocks and stalagmites that begin from the soil.Do not miss to drive your car rental to the Castle of Ioannina which impresses every tourist with the four sections that you will admire.Make your car rental journey more pleasant by visiting one of the traditional tavernas located around and taste some of the most well known greek recipes in friendly environment.

Enjoy your Car Rental in Ioannina

Take your car rental and drive around 30kms to visit Zarori or Zagorochoria.A complex of villages which are really picturesque
and unique on this area of Greece.Walk around and see the traditional stone houses and taste delicious local food with handmade
sweets as well.Use your car rental to be transferred to the village named Metsovo located around 60km outside Ioannina as you can enjoy skiing and snow during the winter period of time.Most of the tourists visit Metsovo as to taste their local meat and buy smoked local cheeses. Do not forget using your car rental in the center of Ioannina as to admire the lake (named Pamvotida) which is the largest in Epirus and a regular boat service transfers you to Perama town

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Last Updated 2016-05-06

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