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Car Rental in Martinique

General Information about Martinique

Martinique is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, which is considered as part of France. It is one of the 26 regions of France and is part of the European Union.
Martinique was discovered on 15th January 1502 by Christopher Columbus. After that, it remained unexplored until 1632.
Martinique economy, in general, is based on the tourism. Each year, thousands of people all over the world visit the island. Be one of them to visit Martinique with a rental car from Economy Car Rentals.
Also the climate of the island helps in Banana farming, cane raising and the rum business and of course the production of the tropical fruits.

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Enjoy the wonderful beachesIn the north Martinique is forested and is full of mountains. In the north there are located 4 pitons and mornes: the Piton Conil, the Mount Pelee, an active volcano, the Morne Jacob, and the Pitons du Carbet.
The most famous mountain of the island is the volcano, Mount Pelée. The volcano, erupted in 1902. At that time St-Pierre was the capital of Martinique, and it was considered the most beautiful city of the region. The city was destroyed and its 26,000 inhabitants were killed.
Travel around Martinique at your leissure with a rental car from Economy Car Rentals and get to know the island.

Enjoy your car rental in Martinique

Martinique is famous for its Rum and a lot of the visitors visit the island only for this. One must visit the Musée du Rhum, the Musée du Père Labat and the Maison de la Canne. All of the above are devoted to rum and sugar and attract several visitors. Other attractions of the island is horse riding, hiking, mountain climbing and mountain biking.  

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Last Updated 2018-04-22

- Martinique Ducos