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Car Rental and Events in Dubrovnik during 2015

Are you pretty sure that you have planned everything or is something missing from your forthcoming holiday? Economy Car Rentals recommends some of the events in Dubrovnik during 2015 that are taking place and will offer you the opportunity to see everything!

To have a fabulous time in Dubrovnik, your vacations can easily be fulfilled when choosing the correct car group, visit our car Fleet Page on Dubrovnik for further details. Arrange your car rental schedule in the best possible way. Check Economy Car Rentals pages for the weather report in Dubrovnik and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

More events and information about a car rental in Croatia. This page will help you to locate celebrations, events, festivals as well as travel tips and car rental news in Dubrovnik. With one look you can see all the highlights in Dubrovnik and decide what you definitely shouldn't miss. Add a car rental to your travel arrangements to feel relaxed and stress free during your vacations.


New Year’s Day (January 1st) – This event in Dubrovnik is a huge celebration on the streets featuring performers, musicians combined with delicious nibbles like dried figs and almonds.
Night of the Musuems (late January) - Dubrovnik participates in the all night opening of the museums until the early hours of the morning.


Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July - August) - An old traditional festivity taking place in this beautiful ancient city. Engaging folk dancing, classical music and outdoor activities as well as breathtaking theatre performances, make this a truly unforgettable experience.
Urban Culture Festival - In the old part of Dubrovnik is the setting for this festival, a diverse display of musical performances, exhibitions and concerts take place.


St Blaise Festival (early February) - This festival in Dubrovnik is a celebration of the patron saint of the city, featuring a spectacular costumed procession through the city with singing, dancing and drinking.
Carnival (mid February – early March) - An exciting ‘Mardi Gras’ like theme, showboating a pageant, consisting of brass bands, dancing performers and masked strollers.


MaratonLadja Race - A marathon boat race taking place on the Neretva River, from Metkovic to Ploce, for amateurs.
Julian Rachlin and Friends (end of August - early September) - A musical extravaganza held at Rector’s alace, hosted by the Austrian violinist Julian Rachlin, who is accompanied by special musical guests.


Oyster Festival (March 19th – 22nd) – This festival in Dubrovnik is a four day gastronomic delight showcases the different ways in which oysters can be prepared and cooked. Visitors can taste these delights in Stron and Stadun (Dubrovnik’s main street).


Music Festival (mid September) - Rector’s Palace plays host to Croatian and international musicians performing pieces from the middle ages and Renaissance period.


Easter - Religious celebrations and church services take place in the old town to mark this festival in Dubrovnik.
Libertas Film Festival (mid April) – This unique event in Dubrovnik showcases local and international film premieres, lasting a week and held at different locations in the city.
Food Festival (mid April) – It is an interesting diverse Dubrovnik event combining areas of home and garden, food and drink, wine, hunting and agriculture.


Jam and Marmalade Event (early October) – This event in Dubrovnik is a two day exhibition showcasing this sweet tasting spread along with a competition.
Independence Day (October 8th) - Colorful parades and festivities take place throughout Dubrovnik celebrate this historic day.


International Wine and Jazz Festival (mid May) – This festival in Dubrovnik is a gathering of top class artists from the world of jazz, combined with top Croatian wine.
Shakespeare Festival (end of April to early May) - Playing tribute to the literary writer Shakespeare, by staging plays together with Shakespeare connected occasions.


Veteran Car Rally Festival (end of November) - Classical cars meander the streets of Dubrovnik.
All Saints Day (November 1st) - Candle lighting and wreath laying commemorate the dead, on this important day in the religious catholic calendar in Dubrovnik.


Opera Festival (end of June) – It is an event in Dubrovnik paying homage to the Croatian tenor TinoPattiera, featuring international figures, conductors, musicians, orchestras, and opera singers.


Christmas Fair - A seasonal market offering traditional confectionary goods and little nicnacs.
New Year Regatta (end of December-early January) - This exhilarating event in Dubrovnik features boat races in coastal areas with prizes at stake.

Scheduled Events can be subject to change. Prior to travelling, we advise you to contact the organisers to check the event will take place.

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