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Car Rental and Events in Cancun during 2015

Are you pretty sure that you have planned everything or is something missing from your forthcoming holiday? Economy Car Rentals recommends some of the events in Cancun during 2015 that are taking place and will offer you the opportunity to see everything!

To have a fabulous time in Cancun, your vacations can easily be fulfilled when choosing the correct car group, visit our car Fleet Page on Cancun for further details. Arrange your car rental schedule in the best possible way. Check Economy Car Rentals pages for the weather report in Cancun and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

More events and information about a car rental in Mexico. This page will help you to locate celebrations, events, festivals as well as travel tips and car rental news in Cancun. With one look you can see all the highlights in Cancun and decide what you definitely shouldn't miss. Add a car rental to your travel arrangements to feel relaxed and stress free during your vacations.


Mayan Village Show (throughout the month of January) - Fabulous festivals taken from ancient times take place, you can enjoy a jungle walk and celebrate the discovery of fire at Xcaret Park.
Epiphany (1st week in January) - A unique cake called Rosca de Reyes is baked with a small doll inside and offered in the local restaurants. Whoever picks the slice containing the doll is obligated to invite people to drink hot chocolate and tamales during Candlemass in February.


Festival of the Virgin of Carmen (mid July) - This religious national holiday sees the natives celebrating by eating, bull fighting, sporting events in Cancun and generally having a good time.


Canlemass (1st week of February) - This event in Cancun registers the end of the Christmas period. Local restaurants and homes pay homage to Candlemass by serving up hot chocolate and the food tamales.
Cancun Festival (mid February) – This event in Cancun is three weeks of exciting joyful energetic fun including exhibitions, concerts and partying in the streets.
Flag Day (February 24th) - Mexico is honoured on this day by the selling of the national flag in the streets.


Xel-Ha Tropical Water Park - You can explore the beautiful forest, enjoy the cascading waterscape and plush green landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Carnival (1st half of March) - A unique pre-Ash Wednesday occasion featuring street parties, parades, floats as well as delicious local cuisine and drink.
Benito Juarez Birthday (March 21st) – This event in Cancun is a celebration of the famous president incorporates live music, fun packed entertainment and street stalls offering food/refreshments.
Vernal Equinox (late March) - Visitors flock to Chichen Itza, where the main temple can found, to witness the serpent descending. Legend has it that the temple was built by Maya in such a way that during equinox a ray of sunlight makes a shadowy movement towards earth that looks like a meandering snake.


Independence Day (September 15th) - This festival in Cancun commences on September 15th with hoards of people chanting “Viva Mexico’’ as fun packed parties of singing and dancing take place to celebrate this historic day.
Latin American Food Show – This event in Cancun is a gastronomical delight whereby Mexican food goes on display for the public to have a taster.


Easter and Holy Week - Wonderful parades, processions and celebrations commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ take place throughout the Easter holiday.
Cancun Anniversary - The citizens of Cancun celebrate and remember the ancestry of their country by parties in the streets and having fun.


Mexican Columbus Day (October 12th) – In this Cancun event there are amazing processions, brave dangerous bullfights, live music and partying on the streets of Cancun to commemorate the famous explorer discovering the ‘new world’.
The Eve of All Souls Day (October 31st) – This is an event in Cancun where citizens visit the graves of their loved ones laden with candles and flowers on the eve of this date in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) - A National holiday saluting Mexico’s victory against France in the ‘Puebla battle’. To mark this special occasion, Mexicans proudly adorn the colours of Mexico, eat delicious traditional food and drive through the streets beeping and honking the horn waving the Mexican flag.
Cancun Art and Cultural Festival – This festival in Cancun is a fantastic exhibition presenting artwork, literary writing, photography work, cinema presentations accompanied by musical performances by talented local artists. (


Cancun Revolution Day (November 20th) - Commemorating the Mexican Revolution are parades of military and students forming pyramids while others perform the ‘tiger jump’ through burning rings.
Cancun Festival - An extravaganza of music and dance festival in Cancun including food stalls, art exhibitions and theatre performances.


Summer Solstice - Celebrating the longest day of the year. Festivities take place at the Chichun Itza ruins, which are located near to Cancun.


Christmas Holiday - Posada or procession starts nine days before Christmas and after the new year. People celebrate this particular time of year with fairs, plays and feasts all paying homage to the Virgen de la Soledad.

Scheduled Events can be subject to change. Prior to travelling, we advise you to contact the organisers to check the event will take place.

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