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Events in Gatwick during 2018

Learn about the life, traditions and culture of Gatwick while participating in a local festival. You have reached just the right site to discover all the hints and tips for all the interesting events, celebrations and festivals in Gatwick. Do not miss any event in Gatwick while you are organizing your next vacation. Use the information that was gathered by Economy Car Rentals for you and make sure that you use the freedom and flexibility that you car rental gives you while driving around in Gatwick. A familiar sense of déjà vu will overwhelm you right as soon as you arrive in Gatwick, especially with a car rental.
Events in United-Kingdom.

All important information about the traffic rules and news are very helpful in pre-planning your holiday and car rental in Gatwick. You can find all information about Gatwick on the Economy Car Rentals pages including weather news and car-fleet information.


New Year’s Day Parade (January 1st) – This three hours event with more than 10.000 participants fills the streets of London with pomp and colors starting from the Parliament Square when Big Ben strikes noon. (
London Art Fair – At this event in London over 100 galleries feature the great names of 20th century British art and exceptional contemporary work from leading figures. (


Diamond League – The world’s best athletes compete at the biggest athletic summer event in the UK for two days.


Kinetica Artfair – This fair brings together galleries and art organizations from around the world who focus on kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology. (
Hugglets Winter Bearfest - Don’t miss this event in London if you are a Teddy Bear lover. More than 170 stands with thousands of bears on sale wait for you at Kensington Town Hall. (


Kids Week – This event encourages children from 5 to 16 years old to get involved in theatre. During Kids Week the children have free access to any participating show when accompanied by an adult paying full price and also a fantastic range of free activities and workshops is offered. (
South West Four – On the bank holiday weekend in August the biggest dance event in London takes place at Clapham Common. (


Head of the River Race – This is the largest continuous rowing event in the world with more than 3.500 participiants. (
Classical spectacular – This special classical music event in London takes place at the Royal Albert Hall with incredible lights, lasers and special effects which make it a unique experience. (


Mind Body Soul Experience – This exhibition offers talks, workshops and products around TaiChi, Belly Dancing, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Salsa and many more. (


Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race – This famous boat race is billed as the world's longest surviving sporting challenge started in 1829. (
London Book Fair - With over 400 seminars and events, 1,500 international exhibiting companies and 24,500 publishing professionals this is the right place to be for bookworms. (
London Marathon – The biggest and best of the big city marathons is not only a sport event but is a big party with bands, cheering crowds and entertainers. (


Bachfest (Oct - Nov) – This classic music festival features a rich mix of top visiting guest artists to enhance your enjoyment and draw you ever closer into Bach’s ‘sound world’. (


The Night of 1000 Voices - This extraordinary and unforgettable musical night impresses the audiences with the sight and sound of massed choirs from around the British Isles, young artists from London stage schools and The City of London Philharmonic accompanying the greatest stars from London, New York and Europe. (
Breakin’ convention – This event in London is a unique celebration of hip-hop dance theatre. (


London to Brighton Veteran Car Run – The world's longest running motoring celebration attracts entrants from all over the globe with their highly valuable and extraordinary automobiles. (
Lord Mayor’s Show - At this nearly 800 years old spectacle the Guilds of London celebrated their prosperity with a parade of the Lord Mayor in a golden carriage. (


Trooping the Color – Don’t miss this event in London with the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's birthday with pomp and ceremony at Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall. The Queen herself can be glimpsed at the head of her troops, giving her Royal wave to all spectators.
Wimbledon Tennis Championships (June - July) - The world's greatest tennis tournament with the elite of tennis players competing for the first place on the fast grass courts. Many historical matches have been fought out here on Centre Court. (
City of London Festival (June - July) - A special music festival with performances at the Guild Halls that are rarely open to the public, St Paul’s Cathedral and other impressive venues. (


New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar Square – The best place to be in this night. Welcome the New Year with the chimes of Big Ben and enjoy the big party.

Scheduled Events can be subject to change. Prior to travelling, we advise you to contact the organisers to check the event will take place.

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