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Events in Las Vegas during 2015

Visiting Las Vegas can offer you memorable moments, apart from the beautiful place that you are going to visit, there might be a local event taking place in a nearby location. You have just entered the right site to discover all the tips on the interesting local festivals, events and celebrations.
Do not miss any event in Las Vegas while organizing your next vacation. A familiar sense of déjà vu will overwhelm you right as soon as you arrive in USA, especially with a car rental. Use the information that was gathered by Economy Car Rentals team for you and make sure that you use the freedom and flexibility that you car rental gives you while driving around in Las Vegas.
While visiting Las Vegas spend some time discovering all the current events taking place locally. Learn about the life, traditions and culture of the locals while participating in a festival.

Economy Car Rentals' pages have compiled all important information about the traffic rules and news which are very helpful in pre-planning your holiday and car rental in Las Vegas.
Enjoy exploring Las Vegas with the help of your car rental but first check out the weather on our pages!
Get an idea about the service of our partners in Las Vegas by reading our Reviews Page.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade – Thousands of Americans are gathered to watch and also take part in the parade for the memory and life of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King. (
High Roller Super Bowl (weekends) – This Las Vegas event is held at the Showboat Casino Hotel where people can enjoy free buffets and win prizes.


Las Vegas Film Festival - It is a premiere film event of Las Vegas that celebrates the finest American and international cinema. (


Black History Month Festival - This family cultural event in Las Vegas celebrates the influence of the African-Americans on the culture and history of Nevada.
World Archery Festival - This Las Vegas festival is the first part of the 3 Star Tour. It is hosted at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.


Best In The Desert TSCO Vegas to Reno - This event in Las Vegas attracts more than 175 teams for over 300 miles of off-road racing. (


NASCAR Winston Cup UAW Daimler / Chrysler 400 - The Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts this annual event in early March.
Monster Jam World Finals (third week of March) - Monster trucks gather each year at the Sam Boyd Stadium.


Las Vegas Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show - It is the largest indoor art & craft shows on the West Coast. (
Las Vegas International Mariachi Festival - It is held since 1991 in Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino and it is the longest running annual Hispanic Entertainment event in Las Vegas. (
Las Vegas BikeFest - It is a four-day event in Las Vegas. (


Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend (Easter weekend) - It is held over four days and everything Las Vegas is known for is celebrated at the annual event.
Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival (last week of April) - Jazz musicians from all over the country Offer ten hours of non-stop jazz and R&B at the Clark County Amphitheater. (


Summerlin Art Festival - It is an outdoor art festival in Las Vegas that lasts for 2 days. (
Fantasy Gala - The Lied Discovery Children Museum holds a Fantasy Gala at the exquisite ballroom at The Mirage. (


FIM World Championship Supercross - The final round of the FIM World Championship Supercross comes to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. (
Helldorado Days – It is a cowboy themed festival in Las Vegas that hosts a rodeo, carnival and parade that began in 1934.
World Series of Poker (May - July) – It is the most famous poker tournament in the world. (


Vegas Valley Book Festival - It is the largest literary event in Las Vegas. (
Annual Dinosaur Ball - This event is held at Luxor Hotel Resort and Casino.


Reggae in the Desert - It is the largest Reggae festival in Las Vegas. It is held at Clark County Amphitheater. (
The Great West Truck Show (GWTS) - It is a heavy and medium duty truck show. (


Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) - It is the premier championship rodeo event in the United States. (
America's Party - It is the name of the free New Year's Eve event held on the Las Vegas Strip.

Scheduled Events can be subject to change. Prior to travelling, we advise you to contact the organisers to check the event will take place.

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