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Economy Car has gathered information for you and your stay in Paldiski. Use this helpful information to be your guide while arranging your car rental Paldiski. Check out the age limits and see what documentation is required for the driver. Read also more about the insurance conditions. What about the traffic signs or rules in Paldiski? Get inspired by reading the driving tips collected by Economy Car Here you can see if it is possible and if you would need to arrange anything further in order to do so. 

Is maybe Full Size, Stationwagon, Economy, Compact the category you were looking for? Learn more while viewing our Fleet Page.

Visit our Video Selection to see all the attractions of Paldiski. See which will raise your interest.

Car Rental Tips

Keep yourself updated about what is happening in Paldiski by reading our News Page. Bet on it that every detail can make the difference. Inform yourself whether you will require an international drivering license for your car rental in Paldiski. Are you considering to take your car rental on a ferry or maybe visit a bordering country? Organizing your car rental in advance gives you the advantage to enjoy unforgettable but mostly stress-free moments after arriving in Paldiski.

Select the right vehicle for your car rental to explore Paldiski.

Get a picture about the car brands Opel Corsa, VW Polo, Toyota Aygo, VW Golf, Toyota Avensis, Kia Ceed, Opel Zafira, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus offered in Paldiski.


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