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Economy Car has collected a lot of useful information which you can use for your trip and car rental in HevizA car rental in Hungary. Start your journey without any further delay. Avoid any unpleasant surprises upon your arrival whether you are planning a one way rental or possibly want to go on a ferry with your car rental. A great way to learn more about your chosen location is through the events and festivals which you can visit which 2015. Enjoy hilarious moments with your car rental.

Check out also our Video Page and see what is waiting for you in Heviz.

Car group examples such as Full Size, SUV 4WD Deluxe, Economy, Mini are here to assist you to decide and make the most of your holidays.

Required documents for a car rental in Heviz

Prepare all necessary documents in advance and create your first schedule. Find here information about driving licences or age limits in Heviz. Find out if you shall require an international license? How the payment procedure is handled upon the pick up for your car rental or what is the fuel policy that should apply for your car rental? All and more information are given here. This page is continuously updated with several useful information such as traffic regulations or speed and alcohol limits. Read all of them to make the most of your car rental. Visit the surroundings and the neighborhood of Heviz.

Example models and car brands, e.g. Ford Fiesta, Smart FourFour, Smart Fortwo, Opel Corsa, Ford Ka, Opel Astra Caravan, Fiat Panda, Kia Ceed, Smart Cabrio, Peugeot 207, for your hilarious car rental in Heviz.

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Last Updated 2015-02-20
Third Party Liability cover amounts included in the rates:
- For bodily injuries per accident, up to 1250000000 HUF.
- For property damages per accident (excluding rented car), up to 500000000 HUF.

Payment :
The following credit cards are accepted: American Express, Master / Eurocard, VISA. Debit cards and cash are not accepted.
A valid credit card in the name of the main driver must be presented as guarantee for the rental. Our local car rental partner may reserve an amount of up to 1500 Euro (depending on your selected car group) as guarantee, which will be released after the end of the rental period if no damage/theft has occurred.
Please note that all local payments will be made in Euro or Hungarian Forint (HUF).

Driver requirements :
Maximum age of driver is 79 years.
Driver must hold a full, valid licence for at least 1 year with no major endorsements.
International driver's licence is required for non EU citizens (except Swiss).

Ferrying the car :
is not allowed.

Across the border rentals :
are allowed within EU countries, including Croatia. They are not allowed in Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Travelling to Serbia, FYROM & Montenegro may be allowed, depending on our local car rental partner. Please contact our supplier directly, after your booking has been confirmed.
Cross border card must be ordered during the booking procedure.
In case of offence against Cross Border & Territorial Restrictions all insurances lose their validity.