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Insurance conditions and traffic regulations in Iceland

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Be informed with all necessary car rental driving requirements. You may also check the Iceland map at this link, so you can plan your travelling routes ahead. Locate what events you should not miss while in Iceland, and what the best travelling route for you to take is. Find out if international driving license is needed and what the minimum or maximum age is for driving in Iceland. In addition, information about the fuel policy and the payment details can be found below. This page will be updated continuously with traffic rules, speed and alcohol limits and more.
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Find here useful Airport Information for Iceland

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Economy Car Rentals in effort of assisting you further and within the customer support contexts, has gathered here the information based on the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) about the below matters for your Iceland rental: restricted countries, insurance terms explained like theft protection and collision damage waiver coverage’s (C.D.W.). Find information for driving insurances to assist you enjoy your car rental in Iceland.


The city links below contain information regarding the driving regulations, alcohol limits, speed limits and more. Learn how the insurance conditions affect your car rental in Iceland. Knowing all these information for Iceland in advance will help you enjoy your car rental in Iceland. Read about your one way rentals within Iceland, possible international one ways, terms and requirements.
Find hotels for your accommodation near the airport of Iceland. 


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