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You know as well as we do that organization is the basis for a stress-free moments during your holiday. We are updating our Information Page regularly so you can always be up to date. Don't spoil holidays by experiencing unforeseen situations after arriving at Kaunas. Are you getting to the Kaunas airport? Arrange everything with us and your car rental can be waiting for you right there. Check out the traffic regulations in Kaunas. Since our goal is to prepare the best possible way before even arriving in Kaunas, we suggest you to read all information published on this page more than carefully. Learn more about the speed but also alcohol limits insurance or traffic control. Enjoy the top service with your car rental. A car rental in Lithuania.

Include various Kaunas attractions to your vacation-schedule by watching videos we have prepared for you.

Minibus 9 seater, SUV 4WD, Minibus 7 seater, Intermediate is just one of the examples of the categories you can choose with Economy Car Rentals. Find out more visiting our Fleet Page.

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Let us help you to plane your travel to Kaunas travel to the smallest detail. Acar from Economy Car will be a great companion during your whole stay in Kaunas. The cheapest car in Kaunas you have already found with Economy Car We, however, have allowed ourselfes a further step and searched for you several information which may be necessary but also helpful for your car rental in Kaunas. This page may also help you to understand and get a general overview what is included in our rates. There are so many things you should be informed about before coming to Kaunas. Have you thought about payment details, necessary documentation for the driver but also the fuel regulations? Well take a look below.

Car brands such as Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla, Peugeot 107, Ford Galaxy, VW Golf, Toyota Yaris, Peugeot 308, VW Passat, Opel Astra, VW Polo are what makes your car rental to a successful event.


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