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For the traveller of today it is increasingly difficult to find an economical and trustworthy car rental deal. A regular practice of car rental providers is to ‘hide’ extra costs!

Thinking you booked the ‘ultimate’ fabulous car rental deal online when in fact it is not the case…. Imagine your shock and surprise, when at the rental desk the bill ‘skyrockets’ as these ‘hidden’ items are revealed and added to your bill: Hidden items such as sales taxes, airport taxes/surcharges, road/licencing fees, insurance etc are just a few of the excluded items that can double your initial booked online price.

Book through Economy Car Rentals to be guaranteed of no such ‘hidden’ extras!

The implementation of the ‘Next-gen Booking Engine for Smart Rentals’ to our website maximizes the search engine’s ability, enabling us to find the best possible deal to match the specific requirements of the consumer.

‘Every penny counts’….Our primary aim is to deliver value for money! We endeavour to offer the lowest negotiated rates, including any chosen options, by constantly checking the prices of our wide range of car rental providers.
Tip: Double check when comparing prices that the final price includes all the ‘hidden extras’ and any chosen options to avoid any unexpected costs locally.

Common extra fees hidden by competitors online but not by us! Our online rates include the following:

Note: Any of the items 1-3 relative to your request will be individually indicated to you online in step 1 of the booking process

  • 1. One Way:
    Referring to a ‘different drop off’ location if selected
  • 2. Out of Hours:
    For a pick up or drop off time falling outside of ‘normal working hours’
  • 3. Young Driver:
    Any such ‘underage driver surcharge’ if applicable to you
  • 4. Delivery (other than Airport or City Office)
    To ports, hotels, railways etc
  • 5. Airport Taxes:
    Mandatory in many locations
  • 6. Unlimited Mileage:
    Drive as many kilometres as you wish
  • 7. Insurance: (Inclusive ZERO Deductible/ excess package)
    Includes third party, ZERO Deductible/ Excess and Theft insurance, liability is covered in the event of damage or theft of the rented vehicle. Excess is refundable by Economy Car Rentals.

Time Adjustment

Most car rental companies calculate the rental days on a 24 hour basis and a full day might be charged even if your drop off time is only 5 minutes after the pick up time. For such cases you are advised online to ‘Adjust and Save’! -Re-check your rental period as even small change could mean the rental cost being finally less than you expected!

Fuel Policy

Nearly all customers prefer a ‘friendly fuel’ policy. It is noted during the booking procedure online that our providers impose different fuel policies. The fuel policy is always written on the voucher and is contractual to the local provider. In the event that you are not happy with the fuel policy assigned please contact us to check other options!

Economy Car Rentals is committed to serving the consumer with the highest standard of service possible. Our ‘easy to use’ website allows you to book your car rental stress free and inclusive of all mandatory extras without the fear of any overcharges locally when you pick the car up. For any additional information or clarification concerning your car rental request in relation to any ‘extras’ or‘surcharges’ etc which may apply to your case, please contact us.

Last Updated 2015-02-21