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The comments below, are not only to actively improve our services, but also to offer you access to the thoughts and remarks of all customers, who just used our car rental facilities in Santiago. Therefore, we would like you to consider, that the reviews below are appearing online automatically just after they are filled out by the users, our system select them randomly. Economy Car Rentals has collected all useful car rental and insurance information about Santiago. Prepare all the necessary driver's documents and plan your travelling routes ahead, to start your Santiago trip without any delay. A car rental in Chile.

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Car rental and reviews for Chile. The opinions published here are not filtered and due to this we would kindly ask you to keep in mind, that the content may not always be as respectful as we like to present you but still, we like to share uncensored opinions with you, sent directly by our customers.If you plan a one way trip, you can check here if it is allowed and what you need to do before travelling. Find here information about the events of Santiago during 2018

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