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Larnaca car rental reviews

Personal experience about car rental in Larnaca

The reviews of Larnaca below that were sent by our customers, are not only helping us to improve our services, but also give you the opportunity to forge your own opinion. Since we do not have any intention to misrepresent the opinion of our customers and would like to share it with you neutrally, please keep in mind that the car rental reviews are appearing online automatically and are not being filtered, our system select them randomly. Therefore, the content may not always correspond with the respectful standard we like to share with you but it is an uncensored statement sent by our users. Economy Car Rentals has gathered video information just for you to get a closer feeling of Larnaca.

Information and driving tips in Larnaca

Get information regarding the international driving permits available in Larnaca. Plan your Larnaca trip in every detail; do you want to visit a neighbor country or ferry the car? Check below if it is allowed and what you need to do, so that you will have a memorable time in Larnaca! The site will be updated continuously. Choose the right car for you and explore Larnaca.

Read below the authentic experience reviews from our customers in Larnaca:                                 Reviews for other major cities:

Average : 9/10

Perfect service for super price!

Staff could not have been more helpful.

Better than I expected!

Very good first experience using your service. I am recommending you to friends_ and I will look you up the next time I travel and need a rental car. Thank you.

i would like to choose a wish car if available

good deal !

the car was old

Thanks a lot .

Exellent service overall. Personnel very helpful and efficient. I do recomend ECR as the best Car Rental Agency in Cyprus.

Good value for money and very pleased.

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