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Copenhague: Cliquez içi et vérifiez. Economisez 20%!

Commentaires des clients

reviews car rental Copenhagen

Experience a car rental car in Copenhagen

The comments below, are not only to actively improve our services, but also to offer you access to the thoughts and remarks of all customers, who just used our car rental facilities in Copenhagen. Therefore, we would like you to consider, that the reviews below are appearing online automatically just after they are filled out by the users, our system select them randomly. Economy Car Rentals has collected all useful car rental and insurance information about Copenhagen. Prepare all the necessary driver's documents and plan your travelling routes ahead, to start your Copenhagen trip without any delay. A car rental in Denmark.

Suggestions for a car rental in Copenhagen

Car rental and reviews for Denmark. The opinions published here are not filtered and due to this we would kindly ask you to keep in mind, that the content may not always be as respectful as we like to present you but still, we like to share uncensored opinions with you, sent directly by our customers.If you plan a one way trip, you can check here if it is allowed and what you need to do before travelling. Find here information about the events of Copenhagen during 2015

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Average : 8/10

A bit confusion on included insurance as car provider couldn_t see anything in their system. So I believe I ended up being dbl. ensured. At least sawing doubt about coverage_ so that could be good for you to elaborate further on the exact coverage and that one is not getting sold dbl. insurance by the car provider easily. Kenneth

Everything was fine_ except that for my opinion the car wasn_t fully equiped. It was without winter tyres and in December in Denmark is winter. I hope next time the car to be fully equiped.

Excellent service ! Excellent conditions of the car I rent !

Overall good service and quality car

I am very satisfied with the rental. The only downsize was an hour long waiting period to pick up the car because the wrong one was brought first so I had to wait for the one indicated on the rental agreement to get cleaned and brought to the rental facility. Thanks.

Genom websajten jag bokade ändrades priset till nästan det dubbla på 2 dagar_ även då jag bokade 1_5 månad i förväg

Thank you for great service_ the only thing missing was Toyota Avensis but the provider dosent offer this car which is sad

habe 2 Fahrzeuge gleichzeitig gemietet. die waren aber Unterschiedlich ausgestattet. sonst alles i.o. Danke

Excellent company _ excellent car . Made our vacation excellent !!!!Thank you !

they are using a parked van as their office in the parking area - a little caotic perhaps. but staff very friendly and very busy (too few staff ?)

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