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Opinions of clients using a car rental in Hungary. By actively trying to improve our services, we would like to present you the comments from the reviews we are receiving from customers, who just used our car rental facilities in Budapest. We would like you to consider the fact, that the reviews below are not being filtered and appear automatically online. Therefore, please keep in mind that the content may not always be according to the standard we would like to share with you but we like to present you an unmodified opinion sent by our users. 

Thinking how to get to know Budapest better? Well, next to your car rental, Budapest offers many events throughout 2018. 
Here you will also find some additional information about your destination. 

Important Information for a car rental in Budapest

eventsPlanning to visit Budapest? Then book your car with Economy Car Rentals to get around fast and easy. It is one of the most interesting countries to visit. Budapest is a great touristic destination with many attractions to offer. Use your car rental to get around easily. Evaluations forms being filled out by our customers and randomly selected by our system with all related comments you may read here. 


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Average : 8/10

It would be helpfull to put a English insuranceform by damage in the car. Some one hit our car and it was a struggle to get all the forms right because only in Hngarian language.

missed my plane and arrived later_ at 00:30 AM they still waited for me! appreciated it very much!!

Gave me a great car with great service and reasonable price. only thing- they check closely also inside the car when you return it. we had to pay 50 EU for a 2 Cm stain that was definitely there before_ since it was in the back seat and we didn_t use the back seat...

your booking system is clunky_ it_s very easy to make a mistake when trying to change a booking. Maybe time for an upgrade? Thanks

I was given a Dacia manual gear. Gas and break pedal were not comfortable at all. When I arrived my destination 4 hours later_ my leg and knee were in a bad situation. I couldnt walk for a couple of hours. Othwerwise all were very good.

Great service!!

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