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Kenya car rental reviews

Customer reports for Car Rental in Kenya

Here you will find customer reports and resources. Read in-depth reviews of the car rental services in Kenya that stand out from our clients. The evaluation we receive from our customers is very important for us and we would like to share with you their comments. You have to be informed that we present you an unmodified opinion which means that the content of the reviews you will read may not be as respectful as we want them to be. Our system selects automatically some of the reviews and they are being uploaded on our website on daily basis exactly as they are written from our customers.

Enjoy your Car Rental in Kenya

Economy Car Rentals will help you to enjoy your stay in Kenya. A car rental will make arranging your travel easier. Get an ideal about your destination by watching a video clip with information of the country. You can also find out news from our website and updates for many travel destinations like the cities below.

Explore the country. Rent a car in Kenya and enjoy your stay!

Customer Reviews for Kenya                               Reviews for other major cities of Kenya:

Average : 9/10

We arranged to collect the car from the airport at the weekend but our plane was delayed by 8 hours. We had no way to contact the office. The person delivering the car took the trouble to inquire about our flight from the airline and was there to meet us. Excellent!

The company tried initially to charge us additionally for the car seat but we had ordered one through economy car rental.

I receive good service and am satisfied very much!

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