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Marrakech car rental reviews

Reports about a car rental in Marrakech

Car Rental in Morocco. Find here customer reports and resources. Read in-depth reviews of the car rental services in Marrakech that stand out from our clients. The evaluation we receive from our customers is very important for us and we would like to share with you their comments. You have to be informed that we present you an unmodified opinion which means that the content of the reviews you will read may not be as respectful as we want them to be. Our system selects automatically some of the reviews and they are being uploaded on our website on daily basis exactly as they are written from our customers. 

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Economy Car Rentals will help you to enjoy your stay in Marrakech. Get an ideal about your destination by watching a video clip with information of the country. You can also find out news from our website and updates for many travel destinations like the cities below. A car rental will make arranging your travel easier.

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Average : 8/10

Good servise! Continue to do so.

Katia thank you very much for bringing us back to the riad. Perfect service

EconomyCarRentals were very helpful and I would definitely recommend them to my friends

The car was not 100% perfect (very strange noise from mechanics_ horn not working) but was more than enough. I already rented from same comapny last year_ anyway I_m happy with price/quality ratio

Car upgrade_ small to large_ at no extra cost. Friendly and helpful staff.

very satisfied

Regarding getting the car_ it took some time to find the guy with the sign at the arrivals area because he was nowhere near any of the others holding signs up. When we got to the area where we were getting the car it took a long time to get sorted out as there was a woman ahead of us who didn_t understand what a deposit was but even still we should have been attended to in some way as they had more than one staff member there at the time. We also had to wait for a GPS to be delivered as the one we were due to get was broken. This took another half hour and when we turned it on we only realised when on the road that the GPS signal wasn_t working and they should_ve fixed that before letting us attempt to set off instead of me having to work it out. I don_t want it to sound overly critical as our experience overall was good and the car really did serve us very well indeed_ covering nearly 3000km in under a week.

Mr. Rabi est tres gentile et efficient.

The GPS provided was highly unreliable. It didn_t recognize major asphalt roads and it was out of date. According to it_ most of the time we were _off road_. It_s very annoying when driving in the mountains where road signs are generally not exist and good maps are not available. In one case_ it didn_t find the hotel we_ve booked_ so eventually we went to a different one. Otherwise_ the 4X4 car and the service were very good.

very helpfull ank kind was Monaim - person from car rental company. Thank You!

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