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Viewpoints of our clients using a car rental in Namibia

By actively trying to improve our services, we would like to present you the comments from the reviews we are receiving from customers, who just used our car rental facilities in Namibia. We would like you to consider the fact, that the reviews below are not being filtered and appear automatically online. After being filled out by our customers, our system randomly select the comments you will read for Namibia. Therefore, please keep in mind that the content may not always be according to the standard we would like to share with you but we like to present you an unmodified opinion sent by our users.

More Information about Namibia car rental

eventsPlanning to visit Namibia? Then book your car with Economy Car Rentals to get around fast and easy. It is one of the most interesting countries to visit. Namibia is a great touristic destination with many attractions to offer. Use your car rental in Namibia to get around easily.

Thinking how to get to know Namibia better? Well, next to your car rental, Namibia offers many events throughout 2018.
Here you will also find some additional information about your destination.


Customer Reviews for Namibia                               Reviews for other major cities of Namibia:

Average : 9/10

The car was phenomenal.

Thanks a lot. Great service great car.

Indeed a very good experience. I booked on the day of my flight at 07h00 in the morning and when I arrived at my destination the vehicle was waiting for me! Excellent service!

An mostly excellent service overall_ but surprised and concerned of the need for the car rental to take an imprint of my credit card_ a procedure which is no longer in use in view of available technology.

awesome staff

Awaiting my booking Credit and Deposit refund

petrol guage did not work. This can be a big problem

Good service. Renting payment in cash should be allowed

I am still waiting for my refund on the excess_ otherwise I am happy_ thanks

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