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Bangkok car rental reviews

Valuable opinions about car rental in Bangkok

On our website you will find reviews submitted by our customers after their car rental in Bangkok. They are opinions of our customers that reflect their experiences when booking a car with one of our suppliers in Bangkok. Read the reviews from our community to get an idea about your car rental. Please note that the comments below are appearing online automatically just after our customers fill in the evaluation form that we send them when their rental ends. The comments are being selected randomly by our system and are not filtered, so we kindly ask you to understand that the content may not always correspond with the respectful standard we like to share with you but this way we want to be honest with our customersMore Reviews for a car rental in Thailand.

Adventures with a Car rental in Bangkok

Plan your trip in Bangkok and make all the necessary arrangements before you go. Find out at which of the airports you are arriving and find here all about its facilities. Locate the nearest airport in Bangkok for your destination. Economy Car Rentals will give you information about the news of Bangkok in order to be ready when you arrive at your destination.

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Average : 8/10

please check the cancelation of my credit card deposit

On pick up we waited 10 minutes for the person to arrive at the desk and another 20 minutes for the car to be made ready. On drop off it was unclear wear to leave the vehicle which complicated matters when the lady at the desk wanted me to go and get the car from the car park and take it somewhere else at the airport even though I had 4 bags and a child in tow. luckily another guy at the counter volunteered top help out.

My favorite car booking service_ always. Thank you for the good service.

Rental went well and satified with the experience.

The only strange thing is the is not a office.. But maybe this keep the price down .. So is good

Best deal at the airport. They were there 24/7. Very helpful indeed

Just a gentle suggestion_ please also describe the horse power or the engine at the page. At this time_ 1.2L engine really tooooooo small for this car.

Yes_ but please_ when checking in car at Suvarnabhumi you should mention you have no counter at Dom Muang. We had no phone to call with. Please let people know. The primary reason I rented from you was the ability and no cost of renting and one airport and returning to another.

Long sought rental in Phuket_ do not have any markings.

Given wrong directions out of town so got helplessly lost in Bangkok

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