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Green tips

The most recent scientific studies prove that the climate is changing in a tremendous way.

The growth of the industrial world, the destruction of the forests and the overconsumption of fuels contribute to the continuously increasing "phenomenon of the Greenhouse", which results in a rise of our planet temperature, which is usually called Global Warming.

It is important to note that the increasing fuel consumption is one of the critical factor as far as the phenomenon of the Greenhouse is concerned. Economy Car Rentals gives you some tips as how to avoid contributing to the increasing fuel consumption:  

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Green driving tips from Economy Car Rentals. 

  1. Choose fuel-efficient cars or hybrid cars.
  2. Avoid aggressive driving. Use the gas pedal and the break wisely. Remember that the faster you drive the more gas you use.
  3. Save your fuel by following the speed limit.
  4. Avoid traffic jam. "Stop and go" driving is more fuel consuming.
  5. Make one big driving way instead of a lot of small ones. If you start the car after more than one hour sitting, it consumes five times more fuel.
  6. Don’t carry a heavy load. Heavier cars lead to an increase of fuel consumption of about 1%.
  7. Try avoiding using air- condition. Air-condition consumes a lot of fuel.
  8. Use modern vehicles, as these vehicles don’t need any time to warm up.
  9. Turn your car off, if you are inert for more than one minute.
  10. Consider sharing your car with others

Visit our Car Fleet Section in order to search for available hybrid car categories at your car rental destination.

Green tips for a healthier planet

  1. Avoid buying newspaper paper and magazine. Be familiar with reading the news online or try to recycle your paper and your magazine.
  2. Be familiar with electronic banking and credit card payment.
  3. Don’t throw your batteries away. Take them to a recycling centre or use rechargeable batteries
  4. Prefer "navy" showers and short ones. Shut off the water while shampooing or soaping.
  5. Recycle all of your electronic appliances.
  6. Prefer full loads of laundry using cold water.
  7. Don’t run the water when brushing your teeth or cleaning up your face.
  8. Wash towels after several uses.
  9. Invest your savings only in green investments.
  10. Whenever you can, try using green cleaning products
  11. Use a programmable thermostat.
  12. Avoid buying bottled water or try to reuse the water bottles more than once.
  13. Buy food locally and in season.
  14. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  15. Try to turn off lights and electronics every time you leave a room.
  16. Unplug your cell phone charger when not using it.
  17. Avoid using your car all the time. Ride a bike or walk.
  18. Avoid buying new books. Borrow one, or visit a library.
  19. Maintain the mail list that you need.
  20. Buy products that are made of recyclable materials.
  21. Bring your own bags to the market.
  22. Avoid buying cleaning products. Try to use only organic cleaning products instead.
  23. Replace the common lamps of glow with new lamps of low consumption.
  24. Prefer roof fans instead of air conditioners.
  25. Prefer buying refreshments in returnable glass bottles.
  26. Try to use alternative ways of transportation.
  27. Plant a tree. Recycle newspapers and magazines.

Need to act

The repercussions, as far as the environment is concerned, are worrying because of Global Warming.

Ecological consciousness is a philosophy that we should implement in our everyday routine. In order to save the environment and to protect the planet, we are responsible as individuals for changing the way we act and react in regard to environment protection.

EconomyCarRentals respects its role in the global society. This role is about respecting the values, the culture, human dignity, equal opportunities, the environment and improvement of the quality of life.

Economy Car Rentals is a company with corporate social responsibility, which recognizes the need of acting in order to save the nature. As planting trees is one of the most important ways to maintain oxygen, in 2007 EconomyCarRentals donated 2.000 Euros for the cause of tree planting. In 2008 EconomyCarRentals donated an amount of 4.000 Euros for the same cause and in 2009 it is planning to donate an amount of 6000 Euros for that cause.

EconomyCarRentals also supports the work of Unicef in more than 150 countries and regions in the world, trying to make an effort to help. Recognizing its responsibility towards society and the environment it deposited 6500 euro to Unicef account as its contribution to what should be a common effort to help those in need.

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