Alle unsere Reiseziele in Georgien

Alle unsere Reiseziele in Georgien

Autovermietung Georgien

8,57 / 10


basierend auf 267 Bewertungen

Durchschnittsbewertung aller Mietwagenfirmen.

"very good value for the money"
"better english would be benefical."
"I have t return the car the next day because just got info that it cannot cross border."
"I booked for a Toyota Corolla or similar_ I received a Hyundai Elantra. The guy who picked up the car asked for 20 GEL (arnd 6 USD) to wash the car without any receipt or else."
"The issue to pick up the car took 1.0h to clear 2 customer and took me 30min to vet the cars. As 1 person handling and when need to hand over the car goes for 30min."
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