Alle unsere Reiseziele in Serbien

Alle unsere Reiseziele in Serbien

Autovermietung Serbien

8,77 / 10


basierend auf 132 Bewertungen

Durchschnittsbewertung aller Mietwagenfirmen.

"Damaged interior was a bummer. Glow box would keep opening and hitting my lag while driving. Once the handle was taped it was ok lol. Very afordable ofter all... I do believe I_ve got a bit of the discount because of the shape of the car. Have to mention that car function flawlessly - very comfortable and dependable."
"The car rental company was OK_ but I am unhappy with you as an agency. You boast with information that your prices are complete and final_ but we had to pay 12€ for cleaning the car (I mean normal cleaning_ no extra dirty condition). I will ask your customer service for a refund."
"The rental company does not have a box to deposit keys. I had to pay extra charges to get one of the employees early."
"Since my flight got two and half hours late_ I came to the desk at the time when the office must be closed as the work hours were until 21:00. But I wasn_t informed that in that case I should pay extra money in the same amount that I paid for the car itself. In addition it was not my guilty of being late_ so I can_t understand why I had to pay extra. In such case the surprises must not be_ especially it was announced that _No surprises at the desk!_."
"headlights out of alignment close to useless at night. Provider told me that they don_t have service in the city that I went to so I could not drive at night at all."
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