Alle unsere Reiseziele in Trinidad and Tobago

Alle unsere Reiseziele in Trinidad und Tobago

Autovermietung Trinidad und Tobago

8,18 / 10

Sehr Gut

basierend auf 33 Bewertungen

Durchschnittsbewertung aller Mietwagenfirmen.

"I have paid a fee of about 40 USD plus the 140 USD for the rental car. Where is the benefit? 180.00 USD even could be less directl with the rental car agency and no difference in the service. Besides that_ I do not have any official receipt from you. How I can prove my expenses at my firma_"
"I was quite satisfied with the services provided"
"head lights did not work correctly."
"Some delay at airport as our flight was late and the car rep had gone off for another job"
"I am extremely happy and impressed with the service provided. Upon returning the car (Hilton location) I was prepared to figure out getting out of there but without me even asking or inquiring the gentleman offered to give a a ride out. Both the car and the service was way better than I expected. 5 stars from me :-)"
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