Advice for renters

Prior to the rental:

Be aware of the traffic laws of the destination you are visiting. The embassy of the country you will visit might provide you with information as far as this is concerned.
Our Travel Guide will give you useful information too.
Check if your driver licence is valid and if there is any need of an international one.
Be sure that you have your car hire voucher with you.
Organize your first day of your visit.


Make sure that your mobile phone, if any, operates abroad. Contact your phone company for further instructions.
Be aware of the phone codes and the charges, too. Give a relevant, a phone number of a place like the phone number of the hotel.
In many countries it is forbidden to use the mobile phone while driving. Check this information too.

Prior to making a booking

Many car hire companies show a low price on the internet, but is everything included? The prices from Economy Car Rentals are total with no hidden extras.

Conditions :

Are taxes, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and other insurances included? How much is the excess/deductible amount?
With EconomyCarRentals you now have the choice of the All Inclusive Package including CDW with Excess or the All Inclusive Package offering you FDW / CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) with ZERO Excess.

Opening hours:

Our car hire partners can deliver your car any time of the day, every day of the year, at most of our destinations.

Which car category is suitable for you:

Online you will see all the possible car categories and you may select the best for your needs. You will be able to select car category according to the size of the engine, A/C, the number of luggage, etc.

Extra services/equipment selection:

Online, during the procedure, you may select any extra service/equipment you wish, like Additional Driver, GPS, etc.

Child seat:

Be aware that the child seats standards differ from country to country. EconomyCarRentals advise you to take your own childseat for your convenience. In the Mediterranean countries, especially, the standard of the child seats may differ from the standard of your country.

Roof rack:

If available, they will be offered online, during the booking procedure. Consider renting a bigger car instead of a small one with roof rack as it is more comfortable to drive without roof rack and the risk of theft. No insurance covers damages caused by roof rack- or luggage on the roof.

When picking the car up:

Make sure you :
- check the hired car for any damages. Note all of them in the contract.
- check where the spare tire and all the appropriate equipment for changing wheels are.
- sign and take a copy of the contract.
- have money in the local currency. There might be need to visit a petrol station or to pay a toll.
- know exactly where to return the car when the hire is over.
- have a map and ask instructions for your first destination.
- ask information about the fuel. Does the car need diesel or petrol?
- ask information, of the procedure you need to follow in case of a damage or an accident.

At most destinations, a police report is needed even for a tiny damage.

Before booking:

Always check the traffic laws of the country that you are travelling in.
This information can be requested from the embassy or consulate of the country you will visit.

Be sure to check that your Driver's licence is valid.

You may also require an International Driver's licence, please check your rental terms and conditions available in your My Booking account.
Don't forget your credit card and your car rental voucher.

Make a plan for your first day of driving.
Where will you travel to?
Will you stop off along the way?

Will your mobile phone, work abroad?
You may need to call your phone company to check how to make the changes for certain countries.
Remember that you also pay if somebody is calling you abroad.
Check the country code to use for calling home.
Please note that in many countries it is forbidden to use the mobile phone whilst driving.

Advice for driving:

Plan of the route
Make a general plan on which places you wish to visit and which route you wish to take. There is no need to have a detailled plan. But for sure the first day of  trip should be planned.
Who will be the main driver  Make sure that all drivers have the appropriaite papers to drive and that they are all responsible enough to drive.

Make a plan for stops

No one is able to sit for hours either on a chair or in a car.
You could set a time limit and stop every two or three hours..
If you are traveling with could break the journey into 2-hour segments .
This way you will enjoy your holiday and you will not feel exhausted.

Will you travel with children?
Have in mind the children needs.

Is there any child that get easily sick?
Will everyone be happy listening to the same music the whole journey?

Do you have only one mp3 player, will it cause more yellings than it's worth?

In case of accident occurs:

In case an accident occurs we stronly advise you:
Be calm, the panic will not help you at all!
Help the injured people, if any and call the ambullance for assistance.
Call the station of the company you hired the car.
You have also, to call the police and  to make a report of the accident/damage.
Ask the name of the other vehicle, the registration number and any other important information.
In case the problem you face is a mechanical break down call the station of the company that you hired the car from and the Road Assistance!