All our destinations in Austria

All our destinations in Austria

Car Rental in Austria

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Based on 653 ratings

Average rating of all Car Rental suppliers.

"Das Auto hatte an allen Seiten Beschädigungen_ die Scheiben waren auch innen sehr staubig_ Winterreifen bei fast 30 Grad im Schatten_ ab 110 km/h ziemlich laut."
"The final payment was more than payment in voucher."
"Very good service. We paid initially one-way fee and than were told by car provider that we can return the car not only to initially desired location (Salzburg) but in Vienna also for free_ since one-way fee is already paid. Staff in office is very friendly and helpful."
"i skrivende stund har jeg ikke mottatt tilbakebetaling av depositum. Hvor lang tid tar dette ? Jeg fikk ingen melding og avregning om depositum tilbake når jeg leverte ? Hva skjer med dette?"
"Could not look the car around while the light in the 5th Floor was not working."
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