All our destinations in Germany

All our destinations in Germany

Car Rental in Germany

9.02 / 10


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Average rating of all Car Rental suppliers.

"It would be good to have an evaluation of the car on pickup and it’s state. I arrived at night and didn’t see 2 small impacts on the bonnet_ it was on return that they were pointed out to me_ therefore I was worried I would have to pay... Generally a very good service and I will return !"
"Perfektes Paket!"
"Due to a delayed flight I was 2+ hours late for my pickup and my car was given away to another customer. I understand the need to be on-time_ but when a lot of flights are delayed because of the weather_ I would have been nice if the office had made contact or simply hold back the car until the end of the delays."
"Der Luftdruck der Reifen war mangelhaft_ es wurde sofort beim Starten des Motors ein Warnhinweis eingeblendet"
"Exceptionally accommodating and friendly"
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