All our destinations in New Zealand

All our destinations in New Zealand

Car Rental in New Zealand

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"It was a little weird dropping the car with no one checking it over_ but it certainly made it quicker. and we knew it was ok ie not damaged but what if some one had backed into it in the mean time?"
"Great service_ thanks."
"The only issue with pick-up is queuing while a single operator handled other folks. The wait was far too long. Otherwise_ perfect."
"Great experience. Pick up and drop off seamless with super friendly guys. However_ we were changed the full $96.60 when we had already paid $17.94 at time of booking."
"The _out of hours_ collection service at the airport needs to improve_ we could not check the car over as there was insufficient light. When we discovered an oil leak and reported we were told it was at our cost and our responsibility when we were in the process of finding somewhere to repair it_ we were told the car would be reported stolen unless we rang back and paid the balance due - we had no issue with this but it was the first time we were asked for money and when we had a problem - not great customer service."
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