Theft & Damage Excess Protection

Economy Car Rentals Damage Excess

Economy Car Rentals Theft & Damage Excess Protection

What is Deductible / Excess?

The common insurance package, a car rental company usually offers is the Collision Damage Waiver CDW including an excess/ deductible. The CDW limits the driver’s liability up to a certain amount (EXCESS/ DEDUCTIBLE) in case of damage to the rental vehicle (if the driver is liable for the accident) or theft of the whole rental vehicle. When the rental vehicle is returned in the same condition as picked up, the deposit will be released/ refunded to the driver’s credit card. We strongly recommend checking the car before leaving, double check if any existing damage is marked on the contract. You can also take pictures of the car before driving away.

Example: When booking a car the Excess/Deductible amount is 1000 EUR (1159 USD). Upon collection the main driver has to leave a deposit (in this case 1000 EUR (1159 USD)) with his/her credit card. If in case of accidental damage or theft, an amount up to 1000 EUR (1159 USD) will be charged, the rest will be covered from the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The amount of Excess/Deductible depends on the car category and the car rental company, this amount is mentioned in the Terms & Price details of each offer you can find on our website.

Complete Peace of MindEnjoy With Your Car Rental with our Damage Excess Product

What is theTheft & Damage Excess Protection?

This is a service of EconomyCarRentals offered to its customers, on a very low rate! By purchasing this service on the website, you will be reimbursed for any Excess / Deductible paid to the car rental company in case of damage or theft.
The Theft & Damage Excess protection policy covers:

  • Damage excess up to: 1500 EUR (1738 USD)
  • Theft excess up to: 1500 EUR (1738 USD)*
  • Roof up to: 250 EUR (290 USD)
  • Damages to all bodywork made by 3 named drivers on the rental agreement
  • No distance restrictions from main pick up location
NOTE: Maximum amount we will pay for each and every claim is 1500 EUR (1738 USD) in total.
All reimbursements will be made in EUR.
*Theft protection covers only theft of the whole car, the keys must be returned to the station.
Theft & Damage Excess protection policy does not cover any third party liability excess (if applies) to bodily injuries or property damages coverage.

Is a deposit for the rental required if the Theft & Damage Excess Protection is purchased?

Yes, the main driver needs to leave a deposit when picking up the car, as theTheft & Damage Excess Protection is offered from EconomyCarRentals. The car rental company will follow the common rental procedure.

ExclusionsExclusions of Reimbursement of a Car Rental

Do I need to pay the deductible / excess to the car rental company?

Yes, in the unlucky event of damage or theft, the driver needs to pay the Excess / Deductible to the car rental company. After the rental the customer can claim a reimbursement of the Excess / Deductible amount from EconomyCarRentals.

Will the rental company offer me insurance to cover the excess/deductible?

Yes, upon collection of the car the representative of the car rental company always offers you extra optional insurances to reduce / eliminate the Excess/Deductible amount. When you have purchased the Theft & Damage Excess Protection from EconomyCarRentals, it is not necessary to purchase an Excess / Deductible waiver at the rental desk.

Does the Theft & Damage Excess Protection cover the whole car?

The Theft & Damage Excess Protection covers the excess of the Collision Damage Waiver except its exclusions. The common exclusions are illegal drinking and driving, gross negligence for example fuel error, incorrect use of the handbrake, mechanical damages (clutch, gearbox etc.), driving off road or on unsealed roads, underside, damages to lights, mirrors, windows, windscreen, any part of the wheels/wheel rim/tire, keys and lock / door handle, antenna, towing charges and any damages caused during the towing away, loss of personal belongings, interior of the car, non-authorized driver, administration, engineer and immobilization fee paid to the car rental provider. Any damages due to vandalism, weather or natural disasters, any damage covered by your vehicle rental agreement.

What is the procedure to claim the excess amount from EconomyCarRentals?

Claims must be reported to Economy Car Rentals within 90 days after the rental end. It is very important to have as much information / documents as possible. Make pictures of the damage; note the date and the address/ street name where the damage / accident happened. It is very important to contact the local police in case of an accident involving a third party and obtain an incident report / police report. Some car rental companies require a police report, even if no other cars have been involved.
The following documents are required to have your excess refunded by EconomyCarRentals:
The original signed rental agreement, theft or damage report of the car rental company, police report (incident report), evidence of payments deducted from your credit card (receipt and credit card statement). All documentation has to be send by post to the headquarters of EconomyCarRentals.
The Theft & Damage Excess Protection is a service offered from EconomyCarRentals to make sure you are traveling with your peace of mind, this service cannot be removed from the booking. If the customer decides that this package is not required anymore, the booking can be amended online through “My booking” facility or calling Economy Car Rentals customers support.