Todos nuestros destinos en Reino Unido

Todos nuestros destinos en Reino Unido

Alquiler de coches en Reino Unido

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"Initial pick up service was hopeless. I had to call 4 times and I had to wait over 1 hour. Car was not clean inside and out_ I think they had the wrong car ready_ as the one I was originally given did not match the keys_ resulting in another delay_ so I was delayed around 2 hours!!!!"
"The booking I_d made was for the SUV category_ but the car given to me was a sedan. On asking the provider_s representative_ we were told that the car booked was a crossover and not an SUV and this was the best option they could provide. Due to a paucity of time we had to take the car being offered. Not a very happy experience_ to be honest."
"Green Motion took ages to serve. With 3 people serving_ I still waited 40 minutes for service with only 2 people in front of me. Needs to be far more efficient and professional."
"Had no interest in your company.Especially_ the insurance part. Quite rude."
"Was forced to purchase additional inssurance for £460 otherwise they cancelled our rental - reason given ; us being Canadians - never again"
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