Alla derstinationer i Costa Rica

Alla derstinationer i Costa-Rica

Hyra Bil i Costa-Rica

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"Ne pas indiquer une prise en charge à l’aéroport de SJO alors qu’il y a un schuttle à prendre."
"Everyone was great and helpful."
"At the time I picked up the car_ they charged me 3 times the amount offered at this site. Eventhough you claim there are no hidden insurances charges_ there are."
"The insurance requirements and the $5_000 hold on a credit card was not information provided ahead of time. It was very frustrating to have to determine what approach we wanted to take. If we had this information provided to us ahead of time we would have been fine with it. Surprises when you_re picking up the car make it a negative experience."
"К сожалению _ при бронировании _ было указано _ что все налоги и платежи включены в стоимость. Однако сотрудники насчитали дополнительно налоги _ уверяясь _ что они не включены. Считаю это жульничеством."
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