Alla derstinationer i Finland

Alla derstinationer i Finland

Hyra Bil i Finland

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Baserat på 274 betyg

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"I have extended the car rental period_ so can_t provide any feedback about car return.. but pickup experience was nice except finding the right pickup location was confusing.. but nice they came to pick me up in person after calling them. Very helpful!"
"no cruise control"
"Very happy with this company_ from beginning till end_ everything went smooth. I got even a better car than originally reserved. Thanks alot! And definitely a keeper ;)"
"Hi. Front hood of the car was left not properly closed - only held _on the hook_... Cars speed limit signs recognition system doesn_t worked at all - if speed limit is 80 km/h_ recognition system indicated 129 km/h and so on... e-Voucher No: EC78D4C8."
"Ich hatte meine Buchung ändern müssen und verstehe nicht ganz_ warum ich nicht die bezahlte Menge retour bekommen habe - irgendwelche Kosten sind abgezogen. Sonst war alles gut."
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