Alla derstinationer i Lettland

Alla derstinationer i Lettland

Hyra Bil i Lettland

8,38 / 10


Baserat på 90 betyg

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"The car produce a warning of low oil level and I had to stop and fill in 1 liter of oil. Also the temperature of engine indication was not working properly it was always at 90c. I am still expecting the invoice for this car rental in order to decide if I am going to be a returning customer."
"No waiting_ very quickly service"
"El GPS que me suministraron era muy basico y con los mapas muy desactualizados que me indujeron a errores varias veces"
"I felt less comfortable that I did not get a personal sign-off when returning the car. With all the stories you hear about tricky car rental companies_ I was afraid to end up in a discussion afterwards. How can I proof I left the car in good condition apart from filming and photographing it myself?"
"Strange that washing service is not included. First time I see additional charges for washing (but car was not so dirty just after rain). Also insurance was not transparent as expected."
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