Alla derstinationer i Rumänien

Alla derstinationer i Rumänien

Hyra Bil i Rumänien

8,36 / 10


Baserat på 330 betyg

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"I would like to have a more clear presentation of the concequences if I_m either too late or too early for the pickup or dropoff."
"Only 2 stars for the car quality due to the low cost brand chosen by myself_ which is somehow expected."
"If you don_t buy the full insurance from them_ they try to find scratches and blaim you. Make sure to take as many photos as you can of the car when renting it."
"I would like to rent with them next time there"
"El coche se averió a 20 Km.del aeropuerto_ lugar de devolución_ llamamos al teléfono de contacto y uno de sus empleados vino a recogernos. Se hizo cargo del coche y nos llevó al aeropuerto. Todo correcto."
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