Alla derstinationer i Thailand

Alla derstinationer i Thailand

Hyra Bil i Thailand

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Baserat på 904 betyg

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"I was informed a member of staff would meet and greet me at arrival but no one was there. I had to call them to find out where they are located"
"I arrived at the office to return the car at just after 11:00 a.m. and it was closed. I had to call to get someone to come to the office."
"I will never rent a car again from someone who only accepts a Credit card. My Debit Card would do just as well. (Same card as I payed the rent with). This time I had to pay for a full insurance package because of this. More and more people only use Debit Cards now_ because of the Bank-fee for Credit Cards. When you change your rules_ I´ll be happy to rent from yo again."
"Giving more details about car insurance( full coverage)"
"I chose this one so that we could get a new Honda_ but got a Toyota instead (same size and category). It was not a problem_ but I think Honda is a little nicer brand and it was a little disappointing. However_ it was according to the contract that I signed up for."
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